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Friday, April 30, 2010


MD-INFOCHANGE...COM [for short] is an open social engine that drives for change; one, that amasses so much passion, sufficient enough to sustain us on the driving seat until we all arrive at the summit of our shared – envisioned – success. As such, equipping our today’s human-persons in particular and feeding the society at large, with the right information is non-negotiable, and a necessary means to arm us as well, in order to water down the threats that come with the ever-changing challenges confronting the survival of the tomorrow’s human world, is indeed our main concern.

We are in every respect , unrelenting and committed, and even more determined to constitute and institute a realistic change on critical challenges pertaining to social issues – particularly as it concerns our immediate social environment , and to all intents and purposes ,would be [passionately] pursued in a manner that would be well articulated – that is to say, we would be analytical, constructive, people-driven, insightful, informative and educative enough to catalyse and facilitate, or possibly chart anew alternative/social order – and even engender the much needed change to the overall benefit of humanity. – And to that of the generality of its fundamental elements.

Also, at MD-INFOCHANGE...COM , our interest is on partnership, particularly on challenging issues bordering on crisis management and its impact assessment- related projects, and projects related to research development.

We are partners: partners for open development, partners for change. We also remain firm in our resolve – and advocacy – for solid social development at every given challenge or situation needed. That is why, we are ever-willing to welcome and give-in to opinions emanating from burning social issues, that could raise the need for discussions and subsequent solution-tailored report writing , (on) human development challenges/issues that would engender positive change, stability and sustenance in our drive or desire to making humanity a better global village.

To achieving this, we are hoping – and open – to partner with individuals, NGOs – both local and international, Government and its Agencies alike, Corporate individuals and establishments that have an unusual commitment and a never-ending passion to render accessible social services to humanity at all times – and at no cost. Certainly, this singular position of ours, further gives impetus to why we are open to being sought after and, ever-willing to foster a genuine committed network of partnership in social service delivery: one that is synonymous with humanitarianism; and, one that shares in our common vision with our goals and objectives at the centre of our mutual aid – or, collaboration.

Fundamentally, as it were, at md-infochange...com, we have this at the back of our minds, always, that change is in the offing and definite, only when we decide to be agents of change. And when we sincerely say to ourselves that:
“Yes we can!”Be one! “Yes we can!”Be partners! And ,
“Yes we can!”Support one today!
If so, then you can Join us @ md-infochange...com“...the vanguard of social change” today.
Where you are always welcomed!

Furthermore, in our drive to maintaining a firm foothold, md-infochange...com is obliged to welcome “the philosophy of NON-VIOLENT change,” ideas, suggestions, contributions and even criticism from all and sundry.

...Welcome on board!