Our leaders, our pride....with beaming faces championing smiles of Hope!

Our Aims and Objectives


Being one of our main thrust, we are bent on promoting socially acceptable [positive] behavioural change; and, to assisting young people make an informed decision on HIV/AIDS (and other socially-related issues as it concerns their common good – and welfare ) through the instrumentality of www.md-infochange.blogspots.com at least, at the moment.

In the same regard , we promote, appreciate and acknowledge the works of inspiring individuals and organisations, that would mentor the younger generation to muster, and to imbibe in them, a positive-driven mindset; and as an upshot(effect) spore them to greatness! In a view to effect and institute a change – [for] a deep-seated fundamental change could be attained for the betterment of humankind and the society at large.


Of course, “playing an important strategic role in the development” of the human -person definitely remains our main focus; with particular interest on development of HIV/AIDS prevention and control methods. However, our other areas of interest include:

=to organise an invitational [periodic] ‘'md - Social Crack of Change’’ roundtable discussion sessions ,aimed at thinking best possible ways in handling human challenging issues; and also seminars, workshops and lectures that are solution-tailored and – driven;

= to advocate for and support an aggressive socially acceptable policy on development;

= to instil the communal culture of volunteerism within the youth circle;

= to actively participate in any process of crisis analysis – its cause and effect – discussion and its management;

= to function or serve as a referral think tank on challenging social issues ;

= to profile/report excellence in social service delivery;

= to serve as a support link to the less privileged and orphans; and,

= to organise charity support day/week as the case demands.